Tom Coulthard
Professor of Physical Geography
University of Hull
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Hello! I am a Professor of Physical Geography, specialising in fluvial geomorphology, at the Geography Department, University of Hull, U.K.

I am also Managing Editor & Co-Founder of
Earth Surface Dynamics, an Open Access Geomorphology Journal. Links to publications and software are in the boxes at the top
Modelling fluvial geomorphology
I am the developer of
CAESAR and CAESAR-Lisflood landscape evolution models (Coulthard et al., 2013). Caesar Lisflood is a geomorphological / Landscape evolution model that combines the Lisflood-FP 2d hydrodynamic flow model (Bates et al, 2010) with the CAESAR geomorphic model to simulate erosion and deposition in river catchments and reaches over time scales from hours to 1000's of years. For more details click the tab at the page top
Non linear processes in Geomorphology and earth systems:
Geomorphic systems are often non-linear and chaotic and I have a long standing interest in how this reflects in the sedimentary record and basin behaviour. This includes system 'shredding' and Self Organised Criticality. Recent examples of this include publications in Geology and ESurf.
Modelling continental scale palaeohydrology
Our recenent PLOSone publication on North African Palaeohydrology showed how lining Earth System Model (ESM) outputs with hydrological and hydralic models could be used to reconstruct Quaternary hydrology at continental scales. In this case we used it to reconstuct possible paths for human migration out of Africa
My research is focused (though not exclusively) in the following areas:
Flash Flooding from Intense Rainfall (FFIR)
As part of the NERC funded £2.8m SINATRA program we're using CAESAR-Lisflood to understand the impact of UK flash floods on sediment delivery and basin change. Especially considering how future climate change may impact on flood risk and morphological change